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Helping creators determine how the news affects their careers and projects. Join Bandrew Scott every Sunday evening as he deconstructs the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news to help you avoid the hysteria and focus on what's important; creating content. On occasion Bandrew also shares insights into creating for the Podcastage YouTube channel which has over 130,000 subscribers and 25 Million views.

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Dec 18, 2017

On episode 98 of the BSP, I talk about Apple acquiring Shazam, Twitter rolling out tweet storms, Facebooking allowing you to mute your friends, studies showing that reading Facebook negatively impacts your mood, Apple podcast statistics going live, Instagram changing it’s feed algorithm, Google Home Max release, iMac Pro release, T-mobile launching it’s own TV service, Disney acquiring Fox properties, Rebox launching a digital distribution service, The FCC repealing net neutrality, and Apple ordering a show from Ronald D. Moore.

I then talk about my initial thoughts on my new headphones, the Shure SRH940’s. In the ask bandrew segment I answer questions ranging from How to come up with ideas for videos, to podcast formatting, how I create audio backups, to If I think buying mics that suck is a waste of money?

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Shure SM7b
01:22 - Apple Acquires Shazam
03:43 - Tweet Storms Is Coming
05:24 - Facebook Lets You Mute Your Friends
07:11 - Reading Facebook Makes You Miserable
10:22 - Apple Podcast Analytics in Beta
12:07 - Instagram Sharing Posts Your Friends Like
14:17 - Google Home Max For Sale
14:55 - iMac Pro Released
15:50 - T-Mobile Launching a TV Service
18:12 - Disney Acquires Fox!!!
21:21 - Redbox Launching Digital Rental & Purchasing Platform
23:18 - FCC Kills Net Neutrality
24:59 - Baauer Going After Ajit Pai?
26:46 - Apple Orders Original Show from Ronald D Moore!!!
27:40 - Shure SRH940
29:50 - Ask Bandrew Segment
30:05 - Email 1 Part 1
31:12 - How to Come Up With Ideas for Videos
32:47 - Email 1 Part 2
33:40 - How to Connect XLR Mic to a Mac
34:28 - Email 2
35:17 - Use Other Audio Information Sources Too!
35:37 - What Cables Should I Use?
36:52 - Do you record Stereo or Mono & What is Your Final Podcast File Format?
37:14 - Do You Record to a Digital Audio Recorder, a Computer, or Both?
38:01 - Is there Hiss with Improperly Grounded Gear?
38:23 - What Cable Do You Use to Connect an iPhone to a Mixer? ( or
39:08 - Email 3
39:33 - Thoughts on the Expressionless Urban Legend (
40:11 - Do I think Buying Crappy Mics to Review is Wasting My Money?
41:31 - Outro

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