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Dec 26, 2016

On episode 48 of the BSP, I talk about my favorite piece of news in the last decade; scientists have discovered a new vaccine to stop the spread of Ebola!!!

Before that, I start with discussing the mic I’m recording this weeks podcast with & my run in with minimalism. As far as computer news, I talk about Apple giving up on Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi rolling out their OS to PC & Mac computers!

In security news, there has been push by The House to legislate the use of the Sting Ray device, which tracks devices using geo-location. Following that I briefly talk about Facebbok’s report regarding government data requests.

Finishing up the podcast, I recommend a travel show starring Karl Pilkington and an album by Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas, and lastly I talk about my thoughts and first impressions on my new iPhone 7+.

00:00 - Intro
02:57 - It’s Christmas
03:14 - Recording with Rode NT1
04:04 - Minimalism & The Clutter Cave
09:30 - Apple is Giving Up on Mac OS X
13:31 - Raspberry Pi’s OS Now On PC & Mac
16:25 - Legislation on Sting Ray Geolocation Device
18:30 - Government’s Facebook User Data Requests Up 27% (
22:19 - The Moaning Of Life
23:08 - Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner
23:42 - Initial Impressions of the iPhone 7+

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Dec 19, 2016

On episode 47 of the BSP, I talk about how much I hate Verizon Wireless & Comcast. I also talk about getting rid of Facebook and receiving the Pebble Refund. Finishing up the personal section of the podcast, I talk about how I have/will release 9 videos in 9 days.

In news, Microsoft announced speed boosts for Xbox One downloads, Twitch launching a mobile live streaming service, Amazon delivers a package via drone for the first time, Apple releases AirPods, Evernote nearly crashes and burns based on poor decisions, and twitter tells the government to do their own work.

As far as what I’ve been testing, I talk about a new VPN and my new cable service, and why I switched.

00:00 - Intro
02:09 - Recording with Different Microphone
03:31 - Getting Rid of Facebook Apps
04:40 - Pebble Refunds Are Coming!!!
05:25 - 9 Videos in 9 Days!
07:55 - Xbox One Download Speed Increase
09:33 - Twitch Mobile Streaming Service
11:05 - Amazon Drones
12:50 - Apple Removes Battery Time Remaining
14:10 - Apple AirPods Released!!!
16:08 - Evernote Alienates It’s Users
18:10 - Twitter Tells The Government to Get Lost
21:02 - Started Using a VPN
23:05 - Comcast Is The Worst
26:31 - Verizon Cancelled the Only Useful Service Option.
28:45 - Outro

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Dec 12, 2016

On this episode of the BSP, the main topic focusses on how I went from 0 subscribers to 18,000 subscribers. I analyze how I did this, and what lessons I think can be taken from this journey.

In other news, I talk about how Amazon Go works, what the UK Snoopers Charter is and how it worries me, as well as provide an update on the Fitbit acquisition of Pebble and what that means for all the kickstarter backers & pebble customers.

As far as what I've been testing, I talk about my favorite Apple Watch Band, my current favorite iPhone Case, my adoption of camera covers on the iPhone, using a network drive, and my new mousepad.

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Dec 5, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Partitioning HD 6 Ways!!!
04:00 - Google is Eliminating Passwords
07:10 - Netflix Download & Go
09:05 - New YouTube Comment Functions
13:39 - Apple AirPods are Coming!!!
16:18 - Fitbit is acquiring Pebble
20:27 - What I have been testing
24:37 - Why I Give out Bad Reviews
33:10 - Outro

On todays episode, I cover a few big pieces of news but before we get into that I talk about my gradual descent into paranoia and anti socia tendencies. Then I talk about how google is collecting enough data to actually create the AI from Ex Machina.

Other news covered consists of the brand new download function by Netflix, New Youtube Comment Functions, an eventual release of Apple AirPods, and Fitbit's acquisition of Pebble.

As far as what I've been testing, I briefly discuss the Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard 2, and then discuss my new apple watch band and a brand new iPhone case.

As the main topic in this episode, I talk about why I give out bad reviews and how companies need to listen to what reviewers have to say about their products and improve their future iterations. I also tell you why I refuse to visit some review channels.

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Nov 29, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:17 - My face is disgusting
02:20 - Thanksgiving
03:18 - Organization in the Studio
07:31 - Problems With the Mic Market
15:07 - My plans for the future
17:14 - Black Mirror Season 3
18:15 - Macbook Pro Skins
18:45 - Buying a new MacBook
20:11 - Apple Watch Series 1
22:05 - Finding the best iPhone Case
25:32 - Outro

On episode 44 of the BSP, I briefly talk about my disgusting face and why it is exceedingly disgusting on the day of recording. I also talk about what my thanksgiving celebration (or lack there of) consisted of. 

The main focus of this episode covers a severe problem in the microphone market place which can lead to confusing those new to audio recording, as well as drive me to point of losing my mind. This entire rant will likely ruin the possibility of any future relationships with mic companies.

Then I shortly discuss my future plans, black mirror season 3, purchasing a new MacBook, adding skins to my current matchbook pro, as well as what I have been testing.

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Nov 21, 2016
00:00 - Intro
01:30 - I Had a Meeting With Google!!!
02:58 - Casey Neistat is Ending His VLOG!
04:32 - EarBuds: The Podcasting Documentary
06:44 - Arrival, Amy Adams, 
08:13 - GoNovate Podcast EarBud
11:13 - Optimizing Your YouTube For Subs & Views
11:34 - Video Title Naming
13:40 - Video Descriptions
15:12 - Improving Actual Videos
18:58 - Thumbnails
20:48 - Overall Channel Page
21:51 - Creating Descriptive Playlists
23:57 - Outro
On today's episode of the BSP, I talk briefly about Casey Neistat's decision to end his daily vlog. Then I talk about two films that just came out that I am extremely excited about. First, EarBuds: The Podcasting Documentary, which I'm sure you could guess, is a documentary surrounding the podcast community. Secondly, Arrival, a sci-fi film that is a breath of fresh air amongst all the mindless stuff plaguing our screen.
Then I briefly discuss a product that I have been testing, the Go Novate bluetooth earbud before jumping into optimizing your youtube channel to acquire more subscribers and more viewers.
I cover Video Titles, Video Descriptions, Improving Videos, Thumbnails, Channel Descriptions, and Playlist creation.
Nov 14, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Politics
01:35 - Motivational Speech
04:08 - Why I Missed Last Week’s Podcast
06:02 - Selecting Gear for Panels
09:03 - My Tucson Comic Con Experience
18:14 - What I learned?
19:39 - What I’ve Been Testing
25:07 - Outro

On todays episode of Bandrew Says Podcast, I make a quick announcement about politics, and then give a rather lengthy motivational speech regarding how I think you should approach your passion projects.

For the majority of the podcast I talk about why I missed last week’s podcast, Tucson Comic Con. I talk about my experiences at the con, what my favorite parts were, and what I learned from acting as Director of Programming.

Lastly, I talk about what I have been testing. First I talk about what I plan to test in the coming months, and then talk about the most essential part of my travel kit as well as why I love fanny packs. To end the podcast I talk about my new gaming system!

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Oct 31, 2016

00:00 - Intro
00:38 - I’m not a goth
01:00 - Serious Problem with the Tech Marketplace
03:31 - 5 Horror Films to Watch on Netflix
14:02 - Vine is Shutting Down
18:16 - Brief Apple Event Rundown
20:08 - Brief New Windows All in One Rundown
20:57 - The Walking Dead S07E01 (No Spoilers)
23:15 - Vlogumentary
24:40 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
27:16 - Outro

On todays horrifying episode of the Bandrew Slays Podcast, I talk about why I’m wearing all black. I also explain a serious issue I have with the current tech marketplace.

The main focus of this podcast is my discussion of 5 horror films that you should watch today on netflix. You don’t have to even pay for them. If you have netflix, you can watch them and scare the pants off yourself.

Then I briefly cover the vine shutdown, the apple event, and the new windows computer. After this I go into the media portion where I talk about the S07E01 of The Walking Dead (with no spoilers), Vlogumentary, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

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Oct 24, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Samson Go Mic Connect
02:00 - Mufon Conference
03:29 - Nintendo Switch Console
05:10 - Carrying a Samsung Note 7 is a Federal Crime
08:15 - October 27th Apple Event
15:14 - Razer Acquired THX
16:35 - AT&T Acquiring Time Warner
18:30 - Amazon Echo Dog Gen 2
20:23 - Amazon Fire TV
22:05 - Windows 10 Experience
23:50 - Outro

Have you ever wondered what the 5th attempt at recording a podcast sounds like? Wonder no more. On this episode, I had to record it 5 times and I removed large chunks of what I was originally planning on talking about.

What’s left is a brief discussion of the Nintendo Switch Console, Samsung Note 7 Federal Crime, October 27th Apple Event, Razer’s THX Acquisition, and AT&T Acquiring Time Warner.

As far as what I have been testing, I talk about the 2nd gen Amazon Echo and how it works with the 1st gen echo, the Amazon Fire TV and my issues with streaming boxes, and lastly what I have had to do in order to get my Windows 10 machine running properly.

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Oct 17, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:27 - I need to improve
04:15 - Google vs. Apple
08:22 - I Won’t Crowd Fund Your Project
12:30 - New Tile Device
14:21 - Halt & Catch Fire
16:46 - Amazon Streaming Service
18:42 - Mirage Men
21:12 - Oathbreak - Rheia
23:42 - New Windows Computer
25:43 - The Dig Game
29:04 - Outro

Episode 39 is live! Once again, I illustrate how I practice what I preach. I pick apart a bad habit that occurs far too often, and struggle to correct it throughout the entire podcast. I then explain where I stand in my struggle between apple & google. And in the last personal piece of the podcast, I explain that due to my experiences with crowdfunding sites/services, I will no longer be utilizing any of these funding mediums.

In the news I talk about a new Tile device, the end of the best TV show on air, Halt & Catch Fire, and Amazon’s music streaming service.

To finish out the podcast, I discuss Mirage Men, a documentary focussing around the disinformation campaign waged against Paul Bennewitz and the entire UFOlogy community. I talk about a band I just discovered called Oathbreaker, and share my thoughts on their new album. And the I talk about why I bought a new windows computer, and what the first game I played on it was.

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Oct 10, 2016

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - I’m an Adult & Why I Buy Expensive Things
03:12 - Best USB Mic Under $100/$50 Videos
07:10 - Booking 100 Panels for Comic Con
08:23 - New Podcast Idea?
11:00 - Hannibal Buress New Podcast
12:03 - Wireless VR Headset
13:26 - Amazon Prime Reading
16:10 - Google Event
24:21 - Show & Tell (New Webcam / Guitar Pedal)
26:10 - Westworld
28:05 - Jonathan Coulton
28:28 - Outro

On today's episode of the BSP, I first talk about how I finally feel adult enough to buy a new couch after a horrible mishap with my last couch, over 7 years ago. I then cover the mental turmoil caused by spending 8 hours making a single 10 minute youtube video, as well as the stress of booking 100 panels.

I talk about a new podcast that I want to launch, a new hannibal buress podcast, a wireless VR headset, and the new Amazon Prime Reading service that is available to all Amazon Prime Members.

Then I dive into the google event and provide an overview of the Google Pixel, Google WiFi, Google DayDream VR, and Google Home. I end the podcast covering the tv of the week and the music of the week.

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Oct 3, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - Shorter Ep
02:00 - Missed Last Week
04:35 - Best USB Mic Issue
08:00 - New Amazon Fire TV
09:28 - New Roku Boxes
10:40 - Logitech C922
12:08 - Panasonic Cameras
14:17 - GoPro Hero 5 Black & Session
17:34 - Twitter/Photos/Character Limit
18:22 - HorrorPack
20:50 - New Die Antwoord Album
22:49 - Hotone Heart Attack Mini Amp
26:25 - Outro

On episode 37 of The BSP, I briefly talk about why I missed last weeks episode, and why I drove 1000 miles in 3 days. I then discuss an issue I ran into with a new video I made and how contemplate how to improve on this issue on the next video.

Then I cover the new Amazon Fire TV and the exciting new features of the new Roku streaming box. Then we talk about the new Logitech webcam designed specifically for live streamers/gamers, the new Go Pro specifications and the new Panasonic camera news.

Lastly, I talk about the Horror Pack subscription box, the new Die Antwoord album, and finish it up discussing a new mini amp I picked up that emulates the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

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Sep 19, 2016

00:00 - Intro
00:46 - New Guitar Gear!!!
06:38 - Behind Schedule / New Video Format!
08:20 - I DID NOTHING!!!
10:15 - New Amazon Echo Dot
12:29 - Kindle & Project Beta
14:33 - Why I Love The Big Bang Theory
18:33 - The Avett Brothers “Emotionalism"
21:05 - Raspberry Pi 2 & Ubutu
23:30 - SHURE MV88
25:30 - Outro

On episode 36 of the BSP, I talk about some near guitar gear I just recently got as well as some suggestions I have for guitar players. I then talk about how I have recently changed my video format for reviews and how it has added additional production time to each review.

Then i briefly talk about a new amazon echo, a book I’m reading, and the reason I love The Big Bang Theory. To finish off the podcast, I talk about an album I really enjoy, my plans for my raspberry pi 2 and the MV88 that I tested out this week.

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Sep 12, 2016

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - I’m an Idiot
01:37 - Guitar Gear! New Amp & Research!
07:45 - What I’ve Been Testing - Shure MVi
10:05 - Mario on iOS
11:48 - iWork Real Time Collaboration
12:35 - Apple Watch
16:12 - iPhone 7 Announcement
27:25 - Outro

On episode 35 of the BSP, I talk a lot longer than expected on guitar amps, and my history with guitar amps. I then talk about the amps I am going to be getting and the reasoning behind it as well as dream guitar amps.

Then I cover the apple event ranging from Mario on iOS, to real time collaboration, the apple watch, and lastly the iPhone 7…and of course that discussion includes the removal of the headphone jack!

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Sep 5, 2016

On episode 34 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I talk very briefly about the new microphone that I am using for this episode. Following this, I go into a lengthy rant about youtube demonetizing peoples videos, and also how wrong people are about youtube infringing on their freedom of speech & being censored.

Then we go into the news portion which covers the apple event, HI-SEAS Mission IV Completion, SETI & Aliens, The SpaceEx Falcon 9 Explosion & Potential Conspiracy Theory, a potential MacBook Update, New Phillips Hue products and a New Tile.

For show and tell, I walk you through a proof of concept for a binaural mic rig that I made today in order to provide demonstrations of headphones. I also talk about the reasoning behind this, and the inspiration for it. Following this nerdy portion, we talk about three pieces of show news and a transition from spotify to apple music.

Lastly, I talk about what I've been testing and why you say you don't have time to work towards achieving your dreams, but in all honesty, probably do! GET TO WORK!

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - New Microphone?
02:15 - YouTube DeMonetizing Videos
09:24 - Apple Event
10:21 - HI-SEAS Mission Completed! (
12:05 - SETI Signal! ALIENS!
13:30 - SpaceEx Falcon 9 Explosion
15:52 - MacBook Pro Dynamic OLED Strip
17:45 - Phillips Hue Motion Sensors
18:37 - New Tile Slim
19:25 - Show & Tell (Binaural Mic Rig)
23:00 - Stranger Things Season 2
23:57 - Bill Nye Saves The World
24:53 - Red Dwarf Season 11
25:30 - Music of the Week
26:14 - What I’ve Been Testing
27:23 - You Don’t Have the Time to Achieve Your Dreams
33:53 - Outro

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Aug 29, 2016

On today's episode of the BSP, I go on a few length rants. First on the list revolves around Lewis from Unbox Therapy and peoples expectation and belief that he owes free phones to people.

I then cover a lot of news from a new Amazon Echo competitor, Pokemon Go's user base, Gawker going bankrupt, a New YouTube Social Network, a New Canon 4k DSLR, and a Phone that is Completely Screen.

I briefly talk about Halt & Catch Fire and then Deadspace. For the main topic, I go in depth on how I deal with and overcome haters I encounter, people who doubt my goals, and finally personal failures in life.

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Unbox Therapy Giveaway (Leave Lewis Alone)
05:56 - Amazon Echo Competitor
07:08 - Pokemon Go Users
08:29 - Gawker is Dead
11:03 - YouTube Social Network?
14:34 - Canon 5D Mark IV
15:50 - Apple iPhone is Completely Screen!
19:25 - Halt & Catch Fire
21:05 - Deadspace
22:07 - How Deal with Haters & Personal Failures
34:13 - Outro

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Aug 22, 2016

On today’s episode, there’s a lot of great news and a lot of bad news. First we talk about my recent anger, and then we jump into good news regarding live streaming NFL games on your apple tv/twitter.

When we get to some bad news, I talk about the end of one of the greatest comics, Invincible, and how I feel about this, and then immediately jump into the news that Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming to an end.

On lighter news, we talk about a new Soylent food bar. Most exciting, I discuss the new autonomous fleet of vehicles that Uber is launching in pittsburgh later this month!

To end out the podcast, I talk about the Photive BTH3 headphones, the Mevo Live Streaming Camera, and finally, I talk about the iPhone 7 Rumors

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Why I’ve Been So Angry!?
03:38 - Live Streaming NFL Games on Apple TV?
05:52 - Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Coming to an End
07:19 - Comedy Bang! Bang! ending too!?
09:08 - New Soylent Food
10:28 - Fleet of Autonomous Driving Taxi
13:20 - New Seth Rogen TV Show
13:58 - The Used - Maybe Memories
15:21 - Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones
17:52 - Mevo Live Streaming Camera
22:28 - iPhone 7 Rumors
30:30 - Throwback Episode
34:56 - Outro

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Aug 15, 2016

On episode 31 of The BSP, I talk at length about my search for bluetooth headphones in order to be prepared for the iPhone 7 and how this search ultimately led me to the realization that Beats Headphones have absolutely RUINED the headphone marketplace.

I then talk about a conspiracy I came up with regarding all the youtube drama that has been plaguing the site over the last year, and how I think that it’s fake and essentially a new form of collaboration to help boost watch time/ad revenue.

Immediately following this, I share my top 7 youtube channels and why I subscribe and watch their videos. Then we go into a LOT of news.

For the last two section so the podcast, I talk about why I will never live stream on youtube again, and lastly for the throwback clip/analysis, I share a very interesting story from college.

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00:00 - Intro
00:52 - Live Streaming my Podcast on Facebook
02:00 - Beats Headphones Have Ruined the Headphone Market!!!
05:55 - Conspiracy: YouTube Drama
07:43 - Top 7 YouTubers
10:38 - New Resident Evil Film
11:35 - New Bad Santa 2 Trailer
13:20 - New X-Files!?
14:23 - Soylent & Coffee Drink
14:55 - Hulu Ending Free Service
15:51 - Comcast is Getting SUED!!!
16:24 - Rush A Farewell to Kings
16:43 - Plans for Future of this Podcast
17:50 - Why I Will Never Live Stream on YouTube Again!!!
23:40 - Throwback Clip (Warning: Explicit Content)
29:29 - Outro

Aug 8, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Why I Love Podcasting
02:02 - 10,000 Subscribers
03:30 - My fundraiser
04:45 - Switching from iOS to Android
11:18 - The Trace (Apple TV Game)
12:30 - David Cross Stand Up Special
13:30 - Above & Beyond - Group Therapy
16:50 - Twitter Story
19:06 - Steel Series Apple TV Gaming Controller
20:41 - Zoom U44 Interface
23:16 - iPhone Interfaces & Live Streaming!!!
27:15 - Throwback to Podcastage Podcast!!!

Episode 30 of the BSP is Live. On this episode, I talk about how grateful I am for the podcastage youtube channel. Then I discuss my predicament when it comes to switching from iOS to Android.

Then I talk about some HUGE news about being able to pin comments on youtube. This will have a big impact on how interacting on review/tech videos is done and hopefully improve the overall conversation.

Then I talk about a new apple tv video game I played and absolutely loved, followed by a mention of a brand new stand up special that I thought was funny, and then talk in depth about one of my favorite electronic albums of all time.

As far as what I have been testing, I talk about the steel series apple tv gaming controller. I briefly talk about the Zoom U44 Interface. Lastly, I talk about some iPhone interfaces that I have tested for live streaming. The final piece of this episode is a throwback to the 4th podcast I released in 2015 (Podcastage Episode 004).

Contribute to fundraise to help provide clean drinking water to those who do not currently have access.

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Aug 1, 2016

00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Embarrassing Story
04:03 - Travel Podcast Setup
08:19 - Verizon Acquires Yahoo
11:40 - Tesla Phase Deux
16:20 - Show and Tell
17:17 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
18:12 - Descendents Hypercaffium Spazzinate
19:45 - Facebook Live & OBS
21:35 - How to grow your YouTube Channel
29:40 - Outro

On episode 29, I am back in my studio so there is no more creepy quiet talking. I share an embarrassing story about my recent trip as well my travel podcasting set up and how I think it performed.

I briefly discuss two pieces of news regarding the Yahoo acquisition, followed by Elon Musks announcement of Phase 2 of the Tesla plan. Then I share a new album that I love and a TV show that I just discovered and can’t stop watching.

Lastly, I talk about my experience with Facebook live and OBS, and end the podcast sharing my thoughts on how you can grow your youtube channel.

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Jul 25, 2016

On episode 28 of the BSP, the audio quality is not at the usual standard, but I didn’t want to miss another episode. I received a question that from viewer HighlyFictional that I thought was important to answer; "how do you deal with youtube hate?”.

I also share my ideas (with help from veritiasium) why I think internet conversations typically devolve into nothing more than screaming matches. I shortly cover some small news stories and then answer a few more listener questions.

Lastly, I briefly discuss what inspired me to begin creating youtube videos and ultimately what inspired me to begin making microphone review videos.

Veritasium Video:

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00:00 - Intro
00:24 - Disclaimer
02:00 - How do you deal with YouTube Hate?
05:40 - Cloud backup update
07:00 - Why do internet conversations devolve into screaming matches?
12:13 - Twitter Verification
13:34 - Small YouTuber Strikes
14:15 - When should you use a mic stand instead of a boom arm?
15:35 - Most comfortable headphones I’ve used
16:45 - Cheap vs. Expensive gear when testing the waters
18:45 - What Inspired Me to Start YouTubing
23:45 - Outro

Jul 18, 2016

On today's episode of BSP, I talk about a new lifestyle I will be embarking on, and it requires your help. I talk about my thoughts on all the youtube drama going, what I think is causing it, and how I think it can be avoided.

For news, I briefly talk about the new NES, and Han Solo, and then I talk about an amazing new TV show titled "Stranger Things" which is available on Netflix. I then share my experience with FitBit's customer service department.

Then I go into the questions which include my favorite mic, good audio interface, reducing hiss/line noise, and a complete low budget studio.

00:00 - Intro
01:13 - Shoutout?
01:30 - Giving Up Sugar
02:55 - Murdered At The Door
04:37 - YouTube Drama
08:50 - New NES
11:13 - New Han Solo
12:20 - Jupiters New Satellite
13:05 - Stranger Things
15:20 - I Love the 80’s
17:35 - FitBit Customer Service
19:10 - Favorite Mic in your Collection?
20:56 - What’s a good audio interface?
22:05 - What’s most important in reducing hiss?
24:10 - Low Budget Studio?
29:21 - Outro

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Jul 11, 2016
On episode 26 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I briefly discuss why I missed last week’s episode and why I did not announce it prior to missing it. I then talk about plans for a new podcast I will be launching. If you don’t hear anything else about this show, Hound me on twitter to keep me motivated.
Then I talk about about some Apple, Nasa, and Tesla News, as well as give my thoughts on a youtube channel and the new Blink-182 Record. I briefly discuss a new iPhone case I’m testing, and some problems I have with my fit bit.
Lastly, I cover very basic ways to differentiate your podcast and youtube channel. I briefly discuss some information about tech used in your podcast, and then discuss a few ways to differentiate your content. I may revisit this topic on a later podcast.
00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Why I Missed Last Weeks Episode
02:25 - How I Make Money on Youtube (Full Disclosure)
10:11 - New Podcast?
11:45 - Self Driving Death!
13:38 - New Nasa Rocket
14:27 - Apple Buying Tidal?
17:08 - Show & Tell
17:50 - TV/Movies/YouTube of the Week
18:55 - Blink 182 California
20:19 - Magpul  iPhone Case
21:00 - FitBit Fail
21:33 - How to Differentiate Your Podcast / YouTube Channel
21:35 - Tech (Reliable Gear)
26:08 - Content
31:30 - Outro
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Jun 27, 2016
On this episode of BSP, I cover a LOT of topics ranging from the awesome advice you guys gave last week, to advice about being genuine on your youtube channel or podcast. There are also brief discussions of a BUNCH of youtube news, a new NASA app, and even a new BitTorrent app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.
For what I have been testing, I briefly discuss what Automatic is and how I like, and then I talk about Zenni Optical, which is a super cheap glasses company that you can order online!
As stated, the main topic is why you should be genuine on youtube or your podcast. Since day one on YouTube, I have seen people copying formats and personalities of those who have been successful and then questioning why they in turn are not also successful. Hopefully you can get some information from this.
00:00 - Intro
01:27 - How You Helped Me last Week!
03:17 - Apple Dictation Tool
05:01 - Brexit
06:05 - New Amazon Kindle
06:55 - New Nasa App
08:02 - YouTube New
12:17 - Bit Torrent App
13:50 - Show & Tell X-Files
16:11 - Every Day Carry Stuff
20:23 - UFOs & Freaking Aliens
23:30 - Feed the Beast on AMC
25:16 - Music Recommendation
25:36 - Automatic
28:02 - Zenni Optical
30:20 - Why You Should Be Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts
39:04 - Outro
Jun 20, 2016

On today's episode of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I avoid talking too much about tech in order to vent some frustrations and explain my current obsession.

I begin by explaining why I am burnt out on youtube, and possible solutions that I have for resolving this issue. Then I speak about my current obsession with prepping for disasters as well as my love for the outdoors. And lastly I briefly talk about new lighting for my videos.

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00:00 - Intro
01:11 - Burnt Out on Youtube
12:40 - Prepping
22:31 - Lighting
26: 05 - Outro

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